Monday, July 31, 2006


Olaf took Camille to Six Flags today. They went with Cami's best friend, Molly, and her father. They are on their way home right now. And it was HOT today. (I say that a lot, eh?) Grace has missed Camille terribly today, but has also prayed several times that Camille would have a nice time with Molly. Isn't that sweet? I cannot wait for her to come home either. I have missed my girl today.

Olaf ordered a new computer yesterday. This one is at capacity and runs very slowly. I can't wait to get the faster processor for Toontown. Woo Hoo! I am not sure how old this computer is, but we bought it when "Pentium" was brand new if that gives you an idea.

Caleb starts school next Monday. He is excited about the bus as usual. His fall baseball starts August 17th. He loves playing baseball. I am grateful that there is a Challenger League for him to play on. Olaf is a coach and Caleb loves that. He always says, "Me baseball. Papa coach." He is an Auburn Tiger this year. He looks handsome in his uniform.

Olaf got some bad news from his aunt in Germany. She has had some extensive surgery recently and was in the hospital for months. (I don't understand socialized medicine.) They also found some spots on her lungs and she will find out soon if that is cancer. She has been a smoker for a long time which always raises the red flag. Olaf's mother died at age 50 from breast cancer. This is her younger sister. I'm not sure of her age, but she is near 60 I think.

Tomorrow is Tackle it Tuesday in the blogging world. It's where you have a project/job that you want to accomplish and then you do it. Last week I cleaned out the linen closet. Tomorrow I am reorganizing the Tupperware closet and cleaning out the fridge. That should take me all day. LOL! Cheri you don't want to look in MY refrigerator right now:)

Maybe I'll post again tomorrow...if you're lucky;) Thanks for stopping by to check in on me and my family.

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