Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Man, it's HOT here!

Where can I live that will never get above 70 degrees?

Cami had piano today.

She doesn't like it.

I'm making her stick with it for awhile longer.

I love the new reality TV show called Treasure Hunters.

Not as much as Survivor.

Who never called me for round two of interviews.


I need to vote today before the poles close today.

I have a headache.

I need to do my Bible Study before Thursday.

I'm not sure if I would recommend the study though.

I love the Lord, but I despise religion.

The church doesn't save anyone.

Jesus does.

He died for my sin, not Christianity.

Loaded statement.

Not going there right now.

I need to join Weight Watchers again.

And start exercising too.

Old news, eh?

Have a great day!

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