Friday, July 07, 2006

Feeling Better

I'm done with my pity party. Hormones are leveling and the world is coming into focus once again.

I went to my Bible Study last night which always helps my perspective. I got to see Charity! I haven't seen her in ages. Either she has missed Bible Study, or I have missed, and it's been 6 weeks since I saw her last. She walked into Bible Study last night with her pregnant belly poking out a bit. Cuteness abounds!

As for our weekend, we have no major plans. Caleb has horse riding on Saturday. Olaf will light the fireworks tonight that he didn't get to light on the 4th because of rain. We have "The Pink Panther" with Steve Martin from Blockbuster Online. We will probably watch that.

Hey, is anyone from Women at Home reading my blog anymore? I never get comments from Becky or Cheri or Dana. I'm wondering if they are boycotting me or something?:0)

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