Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Taste of Home

Tonight I am hosting a Taste of Home Entertaining party for my friend, Misty. She signed up to be a consultant and I said I'd do a party. So far today I have made pasta salad, pecan pie mini muffins, a cheesecake cheeseball to be rolled in chocolate chips and served with graham cracker sticks, and some dip for the chips. I need to get my bathroom cleaned, the floors vacuumed, and some general straightening before 6:00 pm. All with four children in the house who undo what I've done...

I bought some make up from an infomercial and I love it. It's called Sheer Cover. I usually don't wear foundation at all because it looks yucky and I hate the feel of it on my face. However, I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! It is the mineral make up that you brush on. I really didn't expect it to be all that the infomercial said it would be...but it is.

I need to get going. Lots to do... Have a great day!

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