Wednesday, July 05, 2006

God's Smite Button

Well, He did it to me again. You know the smite button that I think God has? The one He likes to use on me just so He can look down from the heavenlies and say, "Ha Ha!" My period was five days late this month. Five days. That has never happened to me before in my life. I took a pregnancy test. There was the faintest pink line although it did show up after the allotted "do not read this test after 10 minutes." I got my hopes up. Dumb thing to do. Very dumb. Aunt Flo has come to visit and all I can think is, Why?!?! Why did my period have to be five. days. late? I wouldn't be so disappointed if it showed up on time!! You know that. I do pretty good every single month...month after month...of wanting another child so desperately I can almost feel it in my arms. I don't cry, I don't complain, I accept Your plan. But why did you have to press Your smite button and make me get my hopes up?? It stinks! Really bad. And I'm mad. So there.

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