Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thank you Jeff and Eileen

Simon is wearing an outfit that my friends, Jeff and Eileen, bought him. He fits into it nicely now. I was propping him up trying to get a cute shot when he started falling. This is what Simon looks like falling:

It looks like he is thinking, "Ummm...a little help?"

Olaf was sick this weekend with some sort of a stomach bug or food poisoning. That made for a fun weekend.

There was a first for my precious Camille this weekend. We let her spend the night with her best friend for the first time. It was Molly's 12th birthday and she asked Camille to stay the night. With great trepidation, much prayer, and advice from a friend we allowed her to go. It was her first night away from us ever. She had a blast and we all missed her terribly. They went to Dixieland Fun Park on Friday night then Molly got her ears pierced on Saturday. Camille got her ears re-pierced a few weeks ago so Molly got the same earrings that Camille has. They match now. Isn't having a Best Friend fun? At the suggestion of the Claire's Manager, Camille got her ears pierced this time with earrings that have an extra long post. Camille has thick earlobes and the last time she got them pierced they got very infected and we had to let them heal over. The manager said she would have better luck with posts that were long so the solution could better penetrate into the piercing. So far so good.

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