Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm thinking Princess Diana

I was watching a docudrama (is that a word?) on Princess Diana tonight and I realized that I really liked her hair. I think I am going to get my hair cut like that. I haven't had bangs in 18 years. I already made my appointment for the afternoon of August 31st which, as I typed that, realized it is the day she died. Can you believe it has been ten years since she died?

We went to Ikea today. We ate lunch there and I had the Swedish Meatballs. They were yummy. Olaf and I have decided that will be our next date if we ever go on one. The last time Olaf and I went out by ourselves was when we went to Fogo well over a year ago. Probably closer to two years ago. Anyway, someday...we want to go to Ikea and look around without worrying about the children. That would be a fun date for us.

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