Thursday, August 10, 2006

I did post...I really did.

Then blogger ate it and spat it out. I told you all about my week. About how we got a new computer that is so FAST. About how I love to play Toontown on it. About how we set up the old computer in my bedroom so we could get yet ANOTHER Toontown account so we can play as a family. Heavy sigh... It was a really good post.

School is going well with the girls. Caleb loves riding the bus. (He started school on Monday) Josiah misses Caleb during the day though. Caleb was his playmate this past month while the girls were working on school.

It has been super hot here and I cannot wait for some cooler weather. C'mon November. I'm a waitin' for ya.

Craziness abounds with my family in Oregon. What's new? I haven't been to Oregon in SIX years. My mother has never seen Grace or Josiah. Last time she saw Caleb and Camille they were five years old. Anyway, my sil is in jail on drug charges and my 6 year old niece needs some serious prayer for protection. She has been exposed to so so much from my brother and his wife. Children's services will not take her away from them and I don't understand why. They are drug addicts who are in and out of jail constantly. I feel so sorry for this little girl.

OK, husband just walked in the door. Need to run.

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