Monday, August 21, 2006

Flirting or not?

You know, sometimes having a hot man for a husband stinketh. My husband's work environment is mostly male. I would say the percentage of females that he deals with on a daily basis is about 10%. However, there is one single female that may be flirting with my husband. He told me about it this weekend. When they were alone together in his office (door wide open, window in the office) she yawned, strecthced her arms over her head, and stuck her chest out at him. She keeps calling him "hon" and wondering "why you haven't called me" about thus and such. She send him e-mails that say things like "you rock!" Your opinion please. Does that constitute flirting? He isn't 100% sure that it is flirting. He says it just may be her personality. He has asked another man who deals with her if she acts the same way around him. He said no. But the bottom line is my husband told me about it. He didn't want to because he didn't want to upset me. (I tend to be very insecure anyway because I'm fat) But he did. And I am so grateful for that. I love you Olaf.