Thursday, May 25, 2006

My husband left me

Only for a night though. He is in Boston on business. Tomorrow he has a doctor's appointment for his shoulder pain that is now in his elbow and wrist. He also is doing a follow-up for that ER visit a few months back. He needs to go see a neurologist. He's a physical mess, but I love him.

Tomorrow is the last day of public school. Caleb goes for a half day tomorrow. Camille is finished with school, but I will give her a page of math or language arts once or twice a week to keep her on her toes. We will officially start school in July. Camille will be in the 5th grade and Grace will start Kindergarten. Did I tell you we got the results back from her PASS test? She aced math like I knew she would.

Yesterday I started paging Olaf throughout the day with reasons why I love him. I sent 13 pages yesterday and two so far this morning. He loves it. I made a list of 100 (which is easy to do...try it!) and will page him for a few days until he gets all 100. Some are silly, some are serious, all are true. The one he likes the best so far has been: "I love you because you want a baby!" He really does want another baby. More than I want one I think. He loves, loves, loves, newborns. He loves kissing their little open mouths and smelling that spit up breath. The ONLY time the man has ever told me to lose weight was last week. I was telling him that when women have a rapid weight loss that it can trigger estrogen production and make a woman more fertile. He said, "Girl, lose some weight. I want a baby!"

I applied for my passport for Survivor. Now, I just need a passport size photo to send in with my application and video. Our ink cartridges are empty so as soon as I buy some more, my package will be complete. It has to be in their hands by June 15th so I have a little time.

I was happy Taylor won American Idol last night. I have liked him from the start. I think Chris would have gotten it had he been in the final two, but I like Taylor.

Camille has started playing Toontown online. What a fun game! Of course, I want to play too so we have to share our Toontown time. You interact with the other "toons" that are playing online with you. It's just super fun.

I have nothing to make for supper tonight so I am going to take the children out for pizza. I'd rather do that then take them to the grocery store:)

OK, time to get going.... Have a blessed day.

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