Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm going to do it

I have filled out an application to be on Survivor and I am going to make my three minute video and send it in. Any suggestions as to how to make mine stand out from the thousands upon thousands that they get? I'm certainly not going naked (America is so not ready for that). I was thinking of just capturing the chaos of my home life and then turning to the camera and say I need a vacation. Not that Survivor would be a vacation, but it would be kind of funny none-the-less. A friend suggested contacting Paschal English, a former Survivor contestant, who is a judge fairly local to me. I may try to call him, but I'm not sure if I will ever get to talk to the man.

Me: Ummm, can I please speak to the Honorable Paschal English please?
Secretary: May I ask who is calling?
Me: Well, I really want to get on Survivor and (click)...

I am hoping they want a born again, homeschooling, fairly conservative Christian because they have to have a token "religious" person on with the token homosexual. I'm not looking forward to being hungry, but losing 30 pounds would be tight! I'll keep you posted.

Camille had a riding lesson today with her new instructor. The horse is beautiful. Camille did OK. We will be going every other week because that is the only slot she has available right now. It's better than a swift kick in the pants.

I am keeping Caleb out of school the next two days. If he has been exposed to any sicknesses, symptoms should be manifesting by Saturday. I need to know what I'm dealing with before I go to Orlando. Three more days and we will be on the road. Woo Hoo! I still need to do some shopping.

I am going to the homeschool conference this Friday to shop. I am meeting Tammy Pitts there to visit awhile before things get crazy. I don't plan on staying too long. There is so much to do Friday to get ready for the trip. I have already bought the bulk of their curriculum from ABeka, but there are a few supplemental things I'd like to get.

Have a great day. Thanks for checking in on me. Leave a comment or something.

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