Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm back

I haven't downloaded my photos of Disney yet, but I will tomorrow. I am in the middle of watching (actually listening) to the Survivor finale. We taped my three minute application video today. Chances are slim that I will get an interview, but if it happens, you'll be the first to know.

Disney was fun. I have to say that Epcot was my favorite. We didn't even see the shows that each country had to offer, but we still had a blast. They had Soarin' there from Disney's California theme park and it was a very cool ride. Grace rode EVERYTHING including Space Mountain and Everest at The Animal Kingdom. Her exact words were, "Oh Mom, I hear screaming. That must be a good ride!" The bigger the ride, the better! The timeshare we stayed in was gorgeous. Oh my! I cannot thank Shirley enough for letting us stay there on a guest pass. It was fantabulous. I wish I could afford a time share, but I cannot. (Unless I win the million on Survivor!) Until then, I'll have to mooch off of those who have some weeks banked. Anyone?? Anyone?? We went to the Magic Kingdom three days, Epcot twice and Animal Kingdom once. Fun, fun, fun. At Epcot we went to Germany and bought some Asbach Urald brandy and it is tasty.

Tomorrow starts the work week. My poor husband is not excited about going back. He is going to be swamped, swamped, swamped. This week is busy for the children and I too. There are dental appointments and riding lessons this week. There are no groceries in the house which means I have to take the children to the store tomorrow. Caleb goes back to school tomorrow. I think the last day of school is the 23rd. Then he'll be out for three months and I'll be going a wee bit crazy.

Hopefully I will upload the pictures tomorrow and you will be able to see them on Flickr. However, you will need to sign up (it's free) and have me add you as a friend to see them. Just let me know your Flickr name and I'll add you so you can see the pics!

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