Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So much for those updates...

I suck. I juiced through Sunday and then ate something on Day 8. I am eating vegan right now for a lot of reasons. 1. It is easier to adjust to eating from fasting when you aren't putting crap into your body. 2. I watched the documentary called Forks Over Knives and was amazed at what this lifestyle can accomplish for your health. I really, really want to eat this way forever. I don't want to be all Gung Ho, then slip back into my standard american diet. I want to lose weight permanently and regain my health in the process. I'm not going to do that by eating pizza and fast food. I am committed and I will regain my health. Let's face it, someone needs to live long enough to raise these children. I am hoping Olaf joins me on this lifestyle, but I cannot force him. He truly is a junk food junkie and would eat pizza and ice cream every day of his life if he could. He says he will try, but only time will tell. Especially since we are going to Disney soon. That will be the ultimate test.

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