Thursday, January 27, 2011


We are just waiting in the Jorek home to see if anyone comes down with the chicken pox. Anytime from this weekend on... Caleb went back to school today. He was more than ready to go.

I went to the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor yesterday. Olaf calls him my boyfriend. Dr. Heindel is the best doctor in Newnan in my opinion. Just sayin'. Anyway, I think I have an infected salivary gland and tonsil. I am on antibiotics. Hopefully it will get better.

School is going great for the children. I hate Camille's Biology, but we are getting an A. (notice I sad "we" because if it were just her, we'd be getting a D) The final is next and I am sure that will bring her grade down to a B, but I'm happy with that. It was a tough course. She is using Glencoe Science Biology-The Dynamics of Life. She is actually doing two algebra courses. She is doing Teaching Textbooks on her own (it is slow moving and easy to understand) and for Ashworth (her accredited diploma) we are doing Glencoe Algebra Concepts and Applications. She is also taking Spanish 1 and Literature and the Language Arts. Once one of those courses is complete, she will start Prentice Hall World History-Connections to Today. Then she will be done with her Freshman year. WOO HOO! And yes, all of her books are hard cover text books. Listen to this. I paid $897 for all four years of her high school through Ashworth, now known as James Madison High School. It is a SACS accredited College Prep High School Diploma. They sent me textbooks, study guides, and exam books. She takes most of her exams online except the mid terms and finals. We fax those in because they are not multiple choice. Her Spanish we have to fax in as well. These textbooks are about $100 a piece and I have FOUR YEARS worth of them for under $900.

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