Thursday, January 20, 2011

School year is 2/3 over!

First of all, Josiah is doing better. I have monitored his eating and he is back to 66 pounds! I think I just need to be more diligent about making sure he eats. He did have to have an X-Ray because when the doctor mashed on his tummy, it hurt. She suspected constipation and boy howdy was he backed up!! I could see the stool on the X-Ray and couldn't believe so much poop could be in one kid!

The children just finished lesson 120. They should be done in April and then have a May and June off to play before the weather gets too hot! Camille will probably be doing a subject through the summer though. Just one. Probably History. It's all gooood. She leaves for Japan in June and she is super excited. (I think I am just as excited as she is) We bought her chopsticks for Christmas and she is doing really well with them. It's hard to believe she will be 15, and driving, soon. WAAAHHHH! Where did my baby girl go??

I cannot wait for her birthday to buy her a Kindle! It will be great for the flight to Japan. I am also going to get her a Flip Video Camera so she can take a few short movies here and there. The Flip that takes regular batteries only holds two hours worth of video, but hopefully she will get a few snippets of her trip to share when she comes home. She is working so hard to earn money for the trip. She has a regular babysitting job three days a week, babysits for us, and cleans the house once a week to boot. She has sold fundraising cards and written letters to businesses for sponsors. I am proud of her.

We have plans to visit Oregon next month. I haven't been to Oregon in almost 11 years! Grace and Josiah are excited about going. I am excited to see Oregon again, but the family drama... not so much. We are renting my friend's house for the week so at least we will have our own place to escape to. That's about as motivated as I can get about that trip right now. (Let it be known that I do not like to fly! It's the control freak in me.)

Simon has started to pee in the potty. Sometimes. When he wants to. Hey, it's a start.

Caleb is enjoying his last year at middle school and will move to high school next year. I have no idea where he will be placed, but he will be happy anywhere. As long as he gets to ride the bus and go to PE, all is well.

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