Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

I'm sure you have all heard that Michelle Duggar is expecting baby number 18!  Wow.  I wonder how much they get paid from the Discovery Channel for the shows that they do about them?  I sure wish they would get rid of the girl mullets, but to each their own.  

Today is Mother's Day and I am on my new Mac.  It is so much fun.  It will be even more fun when I figure out how to do everything.  It's so cool how all the software interacts with each other.  It's almost too easy.  I mean, I was able to set this thing up to use my cell phone for the internet in about 20 seconds.  I didn't even know what I was doing, I just followed the prompts and it did it all for me.  That made me smile.  Maybe I will blog more...Hmmm....  

Olaf contacted his half brother in Germany a few weeks ago.  It went pretty good even though the brother had no idea that Olaf existed.  It was kind of a shock for him.  Now we have his contact information and Olaf was able to send him some photos that we found of him in Papi's house.  I am happy that Olaf chose to contact him and let him know that Papi had passed away. There was some debate within himself as to whether we should try to contact him, or just sweep it under the rug.  I am glad he chose to do the right thing.

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