Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good weekend so far

Gracie had a great birthday.  We went to Chuck E. Cheese as usual and ended up with a huge amount of tickets for our family.  It is tradition that all tickets be given to the birthday child, so Grace made out this year.  Both Olaf and Camille hit a 250 tickets jackpot, so we had over 1400 tickets for Grace to spend.  It was fun.  Grace's friend was supposed to come over on Saturday but she got sick.  We did a pinata, had cake AND cookie cake, and she opened up lots of fun presents. Her favorite was this.  

I have tried a new flavor of Coffee Mate that I like.  It is Sweet Italian Cream.  They discontinued every flavor that was fabulous like Toasted Almond and Vanilla Nut.  

Simon has a fat lip...poor baby.  He fell and hit his lip on a toy.  He is so cute.  Oh my word.  I really like him.  

My nails still look pretty:)

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