Monday, May 12, 2008


The Coweta County School System is pissing me off.  Caleb brought home a note in his backpack on Friday saying he is being transferred to another middle school next year.  No one called us, it's not in his IEP, they just sent a note home in my MENTALLY CHALLENGED child's backpack and hoped it got here??  So, I am doing what any good wife would do.  I handed the responsibility over to my husband who is much more diplomatic than I am.  So far he has talked with two women who work in special ed at the school system to no avail.  So, off to the Superintendent he went and I think we will finally get some answers.  Tomorrow night is the school board meeting and he just may have to show up there as well.  Holy cow this is frustrating.

As far as the homeschool year, we are done.  Camille is happy to be finished.  We will start again in the beginning of July.  I will definitely homeschool Camille through 8th grade, but we may put her in a Christian high school.  We have a few years to figure it out.  

I got a crown put on my tooth today.  I am still numb.  I need another crown, but it isn't an immediate necessity.  Olaf needs some dental work done so I'll let it be his turn now.   Simon had a check up with the ENT.  His ears are looking pretty good.  Not 100%, but pretty good.  


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