Friday, May 16, 2008

I have a twin

I have been reading Molly's blog for years now, and I love her to death. Our lives have paralleled each other in our spiritual journey the past couple of years and she wrote something today that literally could come word for word out of my mouth...and heart. Since she writes so much better than I do, I have copied it. Just pretend I wrote it...

To make a long story really really short, I just found a file full of papers, emails, and discussion board posts I’d participated in around ten years ago (as a new youth/music leader’s wife and a mom of one, with baby #2 on the way). Reading them was truly shocking. I could hardly stand the person doing the talking, which was a little sad, since that young pup was me.

She was audaciously authoritative, judgemental, and so sure of herself, her head must have been watermelon-sized at it’s most humble moment. You could tell that she was completely unaware of all of that, though, and was full of well-intended and passionate desire for truth. She was just convinced the truth and common sense were antithetical terms. Her thoughts were charged with passion and all aspects of life seemed one big huge black-or-white issue (from the KJV being the only trustworthy translation to the fact that headcoverings had to be for today and that men were meant to do the speaking).

There was no point trying to discuss anything with her—-she couldn’t hear you (and, plus, she already knew everything). The Bible said what the Bible said, which was another way of saying that her interpretation was the valid one, not yours, though she would have never put it like that. To her, there was no such thing as “interpreting.” There was the true way of seeing things, and then there was all the fluff that masqueraded as so-called interpetations.

I read some of the arguments typed by those disagreeing with her. They were balanced and well-thought out and laced with wisdom and maturity, but it was patently obvious that she heard nothing that was being said. All she saw (when trying to read their words) was, “Feminist, Humanist, Fleshly, Demonic Agenda Trying to Decieve God’s People,” in big huge flashing neon letters. There really wasn’t anything they could have done to help her. She literally could not hear a word they said.

The whole thing was really disconcerting and gives me quite a bit to process through in regard to the way one approaches theology (and in understanding my own history as well as my relationship and/or comprehension of Yahweh). But as an aside, I wondered how anyone could have stood to be within ten feet of her, much less bothered to listen. So here is where I pause to give all my Real Life Friends a big huge hug. Thanks for loving me.

Yeah, thanks for loving me:)

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