Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So much to do

and so little time. I am feeling very overwhelmed. Looks like we'll be packing Friday night and getting very little sleep. Oh well...

My friends, Tammy and Terry, came over this evening and gave me an early birthday present. A whole batch of the best homemade chocolate chip cookies ever (her cookies are fluffy, mine are flat), some Godiva Chocolate, (I LOVE this woman!) and a Yankee Candle in the Autumn Wreath scent. To top it off, the cookies were wrapped in a Williams Sonoma dish towel. What could possibly be better? Thank you so much my friend.

I spoke with Karen's husband, Darren, tonight. I guess he accidentally messed up the template of Karen's blog and called to ask me to fix it. It was great talking to him. He shared Karen's last few hours on earth with me. He sounded so happy for her, but of course, grieved for himself and his children. Her body was cremated at her request and the memorial will be on Sunday. I will be in Orlando, but Karen would want me to go on vacation with my family. I know she would. I can hear her voice in my head right now. "You go Miss Misty! Don't even think twice."

Simon will be six months old on the 4th. Can you believe that? Six months old. He is so big and so long. I nurse him and just stare in amazement at how big that child is. He still doesn't sleep well at all. He's like a newborn; worse than a newborn actually. He is up every 2 hours on a good night. On bad nights I can't put him down at all. He just likes to sleep ON me which makes for a long night sitting up against the headboard with a few pillows. However, I am still loving it because at my age (very nearly 40, my friends!) you never know if you will be blessed with another one. I am taking full advantage of every minute to hold that baby. I know far too well how incredibly fast they grow up. Karen's life has taught me the importance of every single minute on this earth. We are not guaranteed our next breath. Make every second count. Love is something that no one will ever regret on their death bed.

Speaking of more children, I watched Kids by the Dozen on TLC last night. It had on the Gonya Family and they were fabulous. No Duggar matching outfits or organization. Just a house that would run a lot like ours if we had twelve children. I enjoyed watching them and their family dynamic. I think they may have been Catholic, but that wasn't addressed in the episode. They just seemed to really like each other but yet were real and chaotic and normal. Camille enjoyed watching the show as well. She loves her siblings and wants more. She is begging for at least one more little girl. Like I can choose the sex of the baby. She is a fabulous big sister and helps me SO much. I don't know what I would do without her. I really don't.

Alright, it's 11:23 pm and I need to get some sleep. It just seems futile when I know the baby will wake up just as I am drifting off. I wish bodies could function on 2 or 3 hours of sleep.

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