Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Aunt Pam's Visit

I haven't blogged for awhile because we have had company. My Aunt Pam from Portland has been here since Sunday. She left this evening for training in Atlanta and will be back Friday night to visit with us again. The children have absolutely loved her visit. Grace and Josiah have especially taken to her. They were fixing her hair for her within a few hours of her arrival. Here is a photo of her lovely new do by Grace:

I am going to start playing Bunco once a month with my friend, Misty, and her neighbors. I am excited about it. I have always wanted to go out to Bunco night with the ladies. It should be a lot of fun.

On a much sadder note, we are going to put Ella down on Saturday. She is not doing well at all. My heart breaks thinking about it, but it is time.

She is only ten but has been in ill health for awhile now. Even her pain medicine doesn't seem to help much anymore. Olaf is going to take her in because there is no way that I could do it. I am way too much of a wimp. As I type this she is panting behind me and drooling all over. The sad part is she still eats and drinks and goes outside to potty. She isn't totally incapacitated but she just looks like she is in so much pain. Someone tell me it's the right thing to do...PLEASE!

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