Saturday, October 27, 2007

Finally, a real update

Simon is in his jumpy thing and being so cute right now. I thought I'd jump on here and give ya'll a real update even though there is nothing new under the sun. Hey, I think someone said that before;)

The children are fine and super excited about Disney. We leave next Saturday. Olaf is outside detailing our minivan to sell it. It has been such a fabulous van that I hate to see it go. If you are local and know someone who may be interested, here is a link to what it is worth via Kelly Blue Book. Our price is $6,000 firm. It's actual value is closer to the 'excellent' price. Olaf kept meticulous records. It just turned 85K miles and we are the only owners.

We are still adjusting to not having Ella here. We still walk softly in the places she used to sleep afraid that we are going to make her yelp if we get too close. I don't have to sleep with my bedroom door closed anymore because her snoring no longer wakes me up. I miss her.

Need to run. Simon needs me. He is so darn cute.

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