Saturday, October 13, 2007


My children all have a stuffy nose, including the baby. It's not too bad though. No fevers or anything. Just a stuffy nose and some sneezing. We also put him in the Johnny Jump Up too. He liked it!

Ella (our dog) has an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. I am almost certain Olaf will put her down. It's weird because some days she is much better than others. We are still on the fence about whether to euthanize her. Such a hard decision to make.

Bunco was a blast. I had so much fun. I even won a prize. I had the most mini Bunco's and took home a ceramic turkey:) Too bad I don't decorate my home for the different seasons. I met a lot of people and am looking forward to making new friends.

Olaf cleaned out the new van today. It was filthy. I mean absolutely disgusting. Whoever owned that van before was just gross. He took out the last row of seats so we now have some storage room.

Need to go put the cutest baby in the whole world to sleep. Have a great weekend.

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