Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My computer is wonky

Edited to add: I LOVE this blog.

For some reason, my computer won't keep any cookies. I have to type in every single url every time I want to go to a website. It won't remember passwords or log in information either. It stinks having to log into wah or Flickr everytime I visit the page. I can't figure out what is wrong. Everything looks correct in the settings. I guess Olaf will have to look at it and see if he can figure it out.

I love babies! I already want another one. I look at Simon and just wish he could stay little forever. The only reason I wouldn't want to get pregnant right now is I would have to supplement Simon with formula. I want him to be fully booby fed for at least six months before I get pregnant. Not to mention...I'm OLD!

Caleb has his biannual neurologist appointment this evening. It is in Atlanta and Olaf is going to take him like he always does. The traffic will be horrendous coming home. He goes to a neurologist for his seizures. Praise God he hasn't had one for a couple of years. The medicine has done a great job controlling them. It is so scary to watch a child have a grand mal seizure. Especially one that doesn't end.

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