Thursday, June 21, 2007

Holly and Haydn

Holly and I had a nice visit today. Charity called this morning and was sick with a fever and throwing up so she didn't make it. Holly's baby is so much more advanced than Simon. He is only two days older, but seems like he is weeks ahead as far as developmental stuff. Holly weighed him on my scale and he weighed 15 pounds. Ben, Holly's other son, and my children had a great time playing. Ben is absolutely adorable.

Camille took this picture of Simon and me today...

Everyone says we look alike. Do you think so? I am thinking of coloring my hair. I want a lighter shade of brown. What do you think about that? Olaf is hesitant about it, but I am pushing 40 and need a change.

These arrived in the mail today. I love them. It makes it so much easier to get a diaper cover on when I use a chinese prefold. If you use prefolds and covers, you must invest in a few. I don't use cloth at night. I love disposable diapers at night or when I go out. I am not that crunchy.

My friend, Misty, was induced today. I haven't heard if the baby has been born though. ::taps fingers on desk::

Did you know when you hit about 35 you start growing chin hair? It's so true. I need to go pluck. Now.

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