Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blue eyes smiling at me...

Not really. I wish Simon would smile at me, but he still only smiles at things. Like the mini-blinds, teddy bears, and the clock. And not often either. Instead I get looks like this:

Almost every baby development article says he should be cooing (he's not), smiling (he's not), making eye contact and looking at faces (he's not.) He does do a good impression on Cheri though. LOL! Sorry, Cheri. I just want to know if you are reading my blog. You know I love you.

So glad the week is half over. I look forward to Olaf being home on the weekends. He lets me sleep three hours straight when he's home. He will take Simon out of the bedroom about 6:00 am and bring him in to nurse around 9:00. Three hours of sleep in one stretch is heaven right now. The longest Simon has slept at one time is four hours. And that was once. Usually he is up after 2 to 3 hours.

I actually walked on the treadmill last night. Boy howdy am I outta shape! Twenty five minutes at 2.5 mph and my heart rate was in the aerobic zone. Sad.

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