Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I love Jameson Irish Whiskey and Bombay Sapphire Martinis, but I am trying to lose weight and alcohol impedes my weight loss.  I still love my Visalus shakes, but I just re-read a book called "Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It" which advocates a low carb lifestyle.  Now, I have done low carb before and I absolutely LOVE eating that way.  The problem is my body doesn't respond with weight loss.  I track my carbs and limit them to 20 (or less) a day and still do not lose a lot of weight.  The weight melts off most people, but not Misty.  Thankfully my shakes are low carb so I can still have one for breakfast or a snack if I want to, but honestly the great thing about low carb eating is you can eat and not feel hungry. For what it's worth, the book is really interesting and great reading.  Then again, so are all the vegan books I love like "The China Study" and "Forks Over Knives."

So happy that fall TV is starting back.  Once Upon A Time started last night.  We love that show.  The other shows we watch are The Middle and Modern Family.  Raising Hope is also a fun show but we always forget to watch it.  We need to set the DVR.  

We still have boxes in the house and we have lived here since-May!  I'm too lazy to unpack I suppose.  It sure is nice having all this room though.  Oh, and we just adopted a new puppy two weeks ago.  She is part mastiff so she will be huge.  Someone cropped her ears when she was just a baby with scissors.  This is a link to a video of her story.  She is such a smart dog and we love her so much. We have renamed her Kidani which means necklace in Swahili and is also our home Disney Resort at Animal Kingdom.  As soon as we changed her name, she knew it instantly.  It's almost as if it was destiny.  

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