Wednesday, October 03, 2012


I actually blogged, but never published it.  Weird.  So, you get two blog posts back to back.  Isn't that special...

First of all, let me say that I cannot believe people still come here to check on my blog.  I don't know who you are, but I am glad you are interested in my life.

We leave Saturday bright and early for a few days at Disney World.  We will be back Tuesday.  I am so lucky to have found a great house/pet sitter while we are away.  Especially with Kidani.  Things will be tricky for awhile until she is fully trained.  She is a spoiled, spoiled dog.  We all love her so much.  (so much that we special order dog food that you cannot buy locally!) 

So, update on the children.  Caleb is at Newnan High School and is adjusting nicely.  He goes skating every week and to Target etc.  As usual, he rides the bus and loves it.  Camille (who prefers to be called Cami) is almost done with high school although this is only her junior year.  She has Advanced Math, Physics, American Government, Spanish 2, and I think one other course to take before she will graduate.  She takes the SAT on December 1st at Newnan High School.  This will give us an idea what she will need to improve on to enter college.  Her plans are for West Georgia for a semester so she can apply for the Disney College Program.  At least that is the plan right now. She loves to travel, so who knows...Grace is a Cadette in Girl Scouts and likes it.  All the girls are in the seventh grade except Grace.  Fortunately for me, most of them are dorky and brainy and not the "typical" seventh grade girl.  Josiah is in Cub Scouts too.  He doesn't like school, but tolerates it.  Simon is five and there is NO WAY he could be in Kindergarten this year.  He is slightly autistic I think.  There are a few issues anyway.  I try to do school in a sneaky way, but if we sit down to do something formal, he melts down.  He is an enigma, but I am glad I had him later in life or I would be freaking out right now. 

Olaf is now on a Fentanyl Patch for pain.  It doesn't get much stronger than that.  I hope he never needs pain meds in the hospital because they will have to put him in a coma to relieve the pain.  The only thing stronger is Dilaudid.  As for me, well I am just taking things one day at a time.  My children drive me batty some days and I wonder WHY I home school.  It sure would be nice to have the break.  Then some days I am truly grateful for the extra time I have with them.  If I died today, I would have had so much more time with my children than most women.  Hmmm...let me do some quick calculating.  If a child is in school for 30 hours a week (roughly) starting at age five, then I have had an extra 550 DAYS with Camille so far.  That is a year and a half! I'll take it.

And that's it for tonight.  Perhaps I will be back shortly.  Leave a comment if you stop by.  I'd like to know who is reading.  

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