Sunday, February 06, 2011

Chicken Pox

Grace, Josiah, and Simon have the chicken pox. Poor Gracie has them the worst so far. Nothing worse than chicken pox in your hoo ha. Josiah started first on Friday, then Grace on Saturday, and Simon today. The incubation time is 14 days. I am just hoping Olaf is immune enough to varicella to not get reinfected. Chicken Pox would literally kill him.

I am watching the Super Bowl right now. Mostly for the commercials. There have been a few good ones so far. Simon is sleeping in my arms, so I am typing one handed. He is three years old and I still hold him... I wonder how long he will let me?

Camille had a great People to People meeting yesterday. She made a few friends. I am already buying stuff for her trip and calling it Birthday presents. Today I bought her a portable clothes line, Dr. Bronner's soap to wash her clothes, some Loksak's to use to wash her clothes, some travel toilet paper (since Japan public toilets do not have toilet paper in them) and a few bandanas to use to dry her hands because the bathrooms don't have paper towels either. I also bought her some shoes that she can slip on and off easily, not only for airport security, but also for the Japanese custom of removing your shoes before entering a home. I already bought her a Kindle, and lighted Kindle Cover, and a Flip Video Camera. Olaf got a new Fugi Digital Camera as a gift for his 20 year anniversary with Delta, so she will be taking that as well. She is so prepared!!

Love this video!

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