Tuesday, March 01, 2011

We are back from Disney World

We spent a glorious week in Orlando and got back on Saturday. I am already counting down the days until November when we go back. We will do Disney Animal Kingdom Savanna View for five days, then go to Disney's Vero Beach Resort for the weekend, then back to the Animal Kingdom for four more days. Woo Hoo! My children are spoiled. And speaking of spoiled...

Camille has been matched with a girl in Berlin to do an exchange program with. Andrea is 14 years old and will be coming over here the beginning of July for two weeks. Camille will then go to Berlin to stay with Andrea and her family the first two weeks in August. We are super excited about it and Camille is loving the fact that she will be in two countries in less than two months. Japan in June, Germany in August. Lucky girl!!

So, my life is on Facebook now. I keep this blog going for the faithful that don't have Facebook and want to check in on me. My friend, Tammy, in Oregon mainly. I cannot believe in this day and age that everyone doesn't have a Facebook page. :0) I wish everyone would so I could find old friends and teachers.

I am also thinking of going to the Rob Bell book signing on the 31st of this month. His new book Love Wins is coming out and I'd love to listen to him. It has sparked much controversy in the "church" and I will blog about that over at My Alabaster Jar! This is no longer the place for my spiritual insights.

I'll check in again sooneth.

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