Thursday, March 10, 2011

Camille is Fifteen!!

It only took seven years to conceive her. It's hard to believe that could have a 22 year old if it would have worked out like I planned. Instead, she turns 15 tomorrow and will take her permit test. The first child is always the 'test' child. She definitely had it harder than the other children. There is so much I would do over if I could. I am trusting that she will forgive me, and perhaps learn from my mistakes, as she someday parents her first born. She's turning out to be quite the young woman in spite of my parenting though. She marches to the beat of her own drummer and I like that about her. She roots for the underdog, opens the door for strangers, is wonderful with little children. She radiates beauty from her soul. She will be my world traveler, my adventure seeker.

Her current likes:
Reading on her Kindle
Japanese Culture
Drawing Manga
Writing Novels
Howl's Moving Castle

I wonder, sometimes, if it's healthy to love my children this much. Sometimes it overwhelms me. I am so, so blessed. Happy Birthday, Camille! Continue to love. Because love always wins!

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Christine said...

Happy Birthday to Camille! She definitely radiates beauty and she is Wonderful to my little children! You did a fantastic job with your "test baby." =)