Friday, February 04, 2011


Today we were supposed to have company. My friend and her children were supposed to come over for lunch. About 10 minutes before she gets here, I notice Josiah is not acting like his normal perky self and I take his temperature. 101.5. ARRRGHH! I am not sure if this is the same thing (possible chicken pox) that Caleb had two weeks ago. I guess only time will tell. He seems fine right now, except those droopy eyes that give him away every time he is sick. He always looks tired when he is sick and his energy level drops considerably. He is usually bouncing off walls and jumping off couches.

Tomorrow is Camille's first real People to People meeting. They cancelled the January meeting because of the snow. She is super excited. It is all the way over in Locust Grove so we need to leave bring and early in the morning.

I made Buffalo Chicken Dip today for our company that didn't come. I love that stuff. I actually prefer it without the Ranch Dressing in it. Here is the recipe in case some of you have been living under a log:

A bag of frozen chicken breasts-boiled and shredded
1 cup (but I use the whole bottle 12 ounce bottle) of Frank's Buffalo Sauce
1 cup Ranch Dressing (I leave this out)
2 bricks of cream cheese softened

Mix it all together, top with shredded cheddar and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Eat it with Tostitos or Crackers. I prefer Tostitos. I think I'll go eat some and grab a beer. Yum!! Gosh, I wonder why I am the fattest I have ever been in my whole life?

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