Tuesday, March 03, 2009

We have a tentative diagnosis

Thanks to the dermatologist of all doctors. Olaf's scalp biopsy came back positive for pemphigus. It is a very rare autoimmune disorder. As a matter of fact, the dermatologist said he has only seen one other case at his practice approximately ten years ago. So today they took another scalp biopsy and drew blood to send out for further evaluation to determine the severity of the pemphigus. When that comes back, then he will start treatment which will include high doses of prednisone as well as other medicines. I am thankful for a diagnosis and hopeful that treatment will help him.


Nancy said...


Since I have a daughter with a immune disease I have some experience in this area. I would recommend he see an immunologist or rheumatologist. My daughter is on a treatment for her JRA that is a cancer drug called methotrexate. This is one of the best options because the side effects are minimal for her, but we have avoided the big bad steriods. Long term steroid use isn't the best option unless nothing else works. I think you should ask about methotrexate. I could be stepping out of line here, but I don't know that a dermatologist can handle such a complex case as this. I would want to get further medical support in this area. I am SO glad you have a possible diagnosis, but I'm sure it is not a total relief. I will say this, Lest is doing so much better and once we got her recent flare of JRA under control we were able to lower her meds. I am certain that Olaf is going to feel better soon. Praise the Lord! I hope I didn't step out of line on offering advice, but I've been dealing with auto-immune disease for the past 14 years.

Anonymous said...

there seems to be more and more autoimmune disorders beginning to show up in society these days

praying for your hubby and that indeed the diagnosis means he gets the correct and most helpful treatment


Anonymous said...

Praise God there are some answers!!! We will continue to pray. Did his Rheumatologist get these results faxed to him by the Dermatologist?????? <3 tammy