Thursday, March 05, 2009

Some clarification

There were a few comments from the last post that made me want to clarify some things about Olaf's diagnosis.

Pemphigus is an autoimmune disorder of the skin, therefore the diagnosis is usually made by a dermatologist. The rheumatologist didn't even test for pemphigus because that is not his specialty and it is *that* rare. All Olaf's tests that the rheumatologist did came back negative, so he is 100% confident that the only thing Olaf is dealing with is pemphigus. The rheumatologist is NOT the doctor that will be Olaf's primary care physician during his treatment. It is out of his area of expertise. In this particular autoimmune disorder, the primary care physician is almost exclusively a dermatologist. We still do not have the results from the second scalp biopsy, therefore Olaf has not started treatment. We will hopefully know something by next Tuesday as we are leaving on Wednesday for our first ever trip away from the children. I will update as I know more.


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Just so glad you're finally getting some answers! BLESSINGS!