Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Olaf update

Olaf could be home tomorrow if he can swallow the medicine that the doctor wants him to come home with. If not tomorrow, then definitely on Thursday. He is beginning to heal even though he still has a lot of pain. He is on Dilaudid for pain right now and it does wonders for him. However, I don't think they will let him come home on that medicine. Vicodin, yes. Dilaudid, no. I am not sure if he is ready to give up his Dilaudid, so he may stay till Thursday anyway.

I have so many people to thank. I don't think many of them read this blog, but I want to thank them anyway.

Ray - You were the first person I thought of when I needed someone to stay with Olaf on Friday night. I knew you would do it without any reservations. Thank you so much.

Cheri - Thanks for watching the children Friday night.

Stephanie - Thanks for bringing lunch for the children on Friday and taking Grace and Josiah to your house.

Patty - Thanks for watching the children on Saturday.

Chief - Thank you for my Chili Dogs from the Varsity. You rock!

Tammy - Thanks for dinner on Saturday for the kids.

John Morris - Thank you for dinner for the children on Sunday.

Delta Family - Thank you for the phone calls and well wishes and hospital visits. It was very nice to have so many people care about my husband.

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Anonymous said...

praying hes home soon and feeling better soon