Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ticked-Off Tuesday

Yes, I am starting a new meme. Ticked-Off Tuesday! My husband irritated me this morning, so I am starting this meme in honor of him. Y'all know I love my husband, I am so glad he's mine, but I have to get this off my chest:0)

Why in the world does it take 90 minutes for the man to get ready in the morning? He showers at night, he irons at night, he makes his coffee at night so all he has to do is hit the 'on' switch. I have figured that it would take me no more than 45 minites MAX to do what he cannot do in 90 minutes.

Get dressed, brush teeth, etc (10 minutes - he's nearly bald...no hair curling needed)
Take out dogs to potty (10 minutes)
Fix Caleb's breakfast (5 minutes - it's instant grits people)
Dress Caleb (5 minutes)
Eat (15 minutes)

I really don't care how long it takes him to get ready. The thing I care about is that he is late for work every single day. If he weren't a manager, he would be fired. FIRED! If a normal person can do in 45 minutes what he clearly will not do in 90, that is just irritating.

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