Thursday, September 06, 2007

I forgot...

How could I forget? On Labor Day, I got a Dyson Animal. Oh, how I love it. I mean, I think Mr. James Dyson is the smartest man to ever live. I have been wanting a Dyson for about two years but, man, are they expensive! As much as I am a laundry Nazi, I am also a floor Nazi. I already have a Kirby, an Oreck, and a Eureka. The Dyson is far, far, far superior to them all. I digress. Anyway, Target has a PINK Dyson advertised this week and I was going to get that one. They give you a $100 gift card with any Dyson purchase this week and I was all set to go. Then, for reasons that must have been destiny, I was flipping through the channels and stopped on HSN because they were selling...DYSON VACUUM CLEANERS! I watched them go through all the models. I watched them explain the technology. I watched them suck things up on carpet and hard floors. I watched with my mouth hanging open and my heart racing like a young girl in love. Then I promptly asked my husband to go buy a Dyson Animal right now. We had a 20% off coupon at Linens and Things so off he goes and brings me back the new love of my life. The man selling the Dyson's on HSN said to vacuum your mattress before you do anything else. So we did and all I can say is gross. I won't even go into what came out of my carpet. Moral to this story, save your pennies. If you want an awesome vacuum cleaner the Dyson is worth every. single. penny.

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