Saturday, September 29, 2007

A new van!

Olaf has been looking at 12 and 15 passenger vans since he found out I was pregnant with Simon because our minivan is, well, filled. Today he found a van on Auto Trader that was north of Atlanta at a dealer. It had a good price on it and Olaf wanted to take the family up to test drive it. The van is in great mechanical shape, only 29,000 miles (auto trader has a misprint and says 48K), clean Car Fax, one owner, but there is a dent in the front bumper and the interior needs a good cleaning. It was obviously owned by a large family with a lot of children. After our fun test drive, Olaf offered the guy $12,500 which is $1,050 less than the sticker price and wanted a front end alignment done, oil change, and detailing included. They accepted his offer, so we are the proud new owners of a 15 passenger Chevy van! Kelly Blue Book retail is $20K so I think we did really good. He will pick it up sometime this week. The funnest part for me is it has OnStar. I don't know if we will activate it, but I SO want to.

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