Sunday, July 08, 2007

The weekends fly by

The weekend always goes by so quickly. I wish Olaf would win the lottery or something and could just stay home all the time. Maybe I'll start a fund in the sidebar for donations.

Olaf set the crib up yesterday in our bedroom. I guess I was hoping it would hold some magical powers and Simon would sleep through the night in it. Didn't happen. Not even close. However, since he is the cutest baby in the whole entire world, I will not complain about lack of sleep.

Today we went to Target and bought some small bookshelves for the girl's room. They were on sale for $15 each. Camille owns so many books. She is a total bibliophile. We don't check out books from the library, we go to Barnes and Noble and buy them. We have everything from Elsie Dinsmore to Eragon.

Our homeschool year starts tomorrow. Actually, Camille did Math and Reading this evening to get a head start. She liked watching the DVD's. It was fun for her. We'll see how long that lasts. There is about 2.5 hours of viewing time for all subjects. That doesn't include her seat work, so she will be doing about 4 hours of school a day. Maybe more. Gracie starts 1st grade. I can't believe it. They grow up so fast.

Public school starts August 6th. Caleb got a new backpack last week, so he is asking for the bus now. He has had this same backpack from Lands End for six years. The only reason I bought him a new one is because it is looking pretty dirty. It's not worn out though. I highly recommend this backpack if your child tends to drag, kick, throw, or twist his backpack like Caleb does. I also had them monogram it with his name. He liked that.

We saw Ratatouille on Saturday. It was a good movie, but not worth the theater ticket price. Wait for it on DVD. Thankfully, Simon slept through the entire thing. Josiah kept asking if it was over yet. Caleb did really good which surprised me. At the end of the movie he started clapping and that started the rest of the theater clapping. It was cute.

Long post...I'll sign off now.

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