Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday Update

Camille was over at a friend's house on Saturday. They were out playing in the woods. Sunday morning Olaf pulled a tick out of the back of her thigh. This is what it looked like Monday:

See the Bulls Eye rash? Looks like Lyme's disease. It is 5 inches across. We took her to the doctor on Tuesday and he basically said exactly what I thought they would say. "Lyme's disease is rare in Georgia, so let's wait another week to see if the rash spreads and if she develops flu like symptoms." Great. Let the child get sick before we give her antibiotics. Doctors drive me BATTY!

On another note, isn't this baby the cutest baby in the entire world?

He is so flippin' cute that I just sit there and stare at him. Honestly, I couldn't be more in love with a child.

Camille is loving school. The teachers on the DVD's are fantastic. There are two that teach sixth grade. Mr. Howe and Mrs. Pereira. I am enjoying it too:) I am so, so, so happy that we went with the DVD's this year. Camille will also start taking Spanish every Thursday morning with a local homeschool coop.

Grace is bored with first grade so far. She hates review. I have already skipped about the first two weeks because she didn't want to do "baby work." She is so ME! It isn't even funny how much that child takes after me. She's tenacious like I am too.

Josiah is working on letters and numbers. He still holds his pencil with a fist. I really have to work on that with him. He likes to color though and does a great job staying within the lines. He is precious.

Pray for my friend, Karen. She isn't doing well at all.

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