Sunday, January 01, 2012

Post Op Day 2

Today hurts a little more than yesterday, however it is still very bearable. I cannot talk as easily and the sides of my tongue seem to hurt worse than my throat. I am plowing through the Lortab and will probably need another refill before it's all said and done. I have not lost any weight because I am able to eat pretty well. Sitting in bed and eating = gaining weight. That sucks because I was counting on losing some weight during this process. Cold things still feel much better than warm things on my throat. Ice water, popsicles, Italian Ice, etc. I am wearing an ice pack on my throat a couple times a day still. I am running the humidifier day and night. Everything in my room is wet. I know it is helping me a lot though as when I wake up my throat doesn't hurt any worse than normal. I started taking Zithromax today. Since I am already on Benadryl and steroids, who knows if I am having an allergic reaction to it. Overall, I am doing quite well. Very manageable at this point and much less pain so far than I anticipated.

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