Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Post Op Day 4

Still doing good. I kind of feel like my entire mouth is coated in thrush, but I think it's just my tonsillectomy. Still laying in bed because Olaf took today off since he wasn't feeling well himself. Tomorrow will be the test when Olaf goes back to work and I have to be the mommy again.

My friends have been fabulous and brought dinner for us. I am so blessed with great friends. Renee, Becky, Robin, and another Renee have brought us dinner so far. That has helped our family so much.

I am still taking Lortab every four hours. I would love to take Motrin, but Dr. H said not to. I spilled a bottle of my Lortab, so I may not enough to make it through the pain. I have a post op appointment on Friday, so if I need more I will ask him then.

Sleeping has not been a problem for me as long as I am on my side. I cannot exhale when I am on my back. I love Mayfield Snow Cream Popsicles! Oh my word. They are terrific!

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