Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sundays are the best

We went to Callaway Gardens today so the family could enjoy the beach. I absolutely despise the beach and everything it entails. I hate getting sandy, I don't like the heat, I won't wear a swimsuit. The beach is torture for me. But, the littles had fun and that is all that matters. Ummmm....right? Camille sat with me in the shade and we complained about how hot is was and how Olaf wasn't watching the children in the water well enough and on and on... Get a fat mom and a 13 year old daughter (who happens to be on her period) together at the beach and we can complain about anything.

As I type this Simon is running around the house naked after his bath. He loves to be naked and when you are two and have fat rolls it is cute. Forty two and fat rolls...not so much. I need to start potty training him but I think I will wait until I am healed from surgery. I don't want to start then stop. That is confusing to little kids. I'd like him to be potty trained before we go to Disney. That would be fabulous.

Olaf's elbow is still infected with staph 30 days later. He is on yet another antibiotic and hoping like crazy that he won't have to go back into the hospital. If this round doesn't work I am afraid he will have to. He was ::this close:: to going back into the hospital a few days ago. Luckily he talked the doctor into another round of oral antibiotics. He still feels like crap every single day and his hope and optimism is beginning to fade. You can only take so much ill health before you actually start thinking that perhaps you will never get better. I am hoping these feelings are from the prednisone and once he is weaned off of that drug that he will begin to feel better. I know it is hard on him, but it is taking its toll on the entire family as well.

Margarita, our chihuahua, got spayed on Friday. Poor little thing. She seems better today but Friday night was horrible. She whined and yelped all night long.

Happy 7th Anniversary to Scott and Frances tomorrow. I hope you two have a fabulous day.

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UKZoe said...

Thought of you especially on Sunday as we all remembered nattie, cuz it was you who phoned and let me know wasn't it?

Praying for you all!