Sunday, June 22, 2008

You know you're fat...

when you play Wii and you are sore! How sad is that? I guess I need to get the Wii Fit and get busy.

Caleb starts swimming lessons tomorrow. They are free and only a week long. It is just for special needs children. The other children started swimming lessons last week with a local homeschool girl. According to Olaf they are doing real good. I stay home with Caleb and the baby while Olaf takes them to their lesson. I am going to take them this Thursday though, so I'll get to see what kind of progress they have made. I wish we could afford to get an in ground pool. It would be worth more than our house:0) We would need to do major landscaping as well. Oh well...I can dream.

I am going to start school with the children in a few weeks. We already received the books, but I need the DVD's for Grace and Cami. They should be here soon. I didn't order any books for Josiah because I still have several that weren't finished from the other two children. I think he is going to be tough to teach. He starts Kindergarten this year. Hopefully (crossing fingers) he will be able to read by the end of the school year.

Olaf is finally doing our will. We had to hire a special attorney to do Caleb's trust. It needs to be legally worded in such a way that he will not lose any state benefits etc. The special lawyer is just doing Caleb's part and then we hired another lawyer to do the rest.

Have y'all been watching "When We Left Earth?" It is the coolest series ever. We have been recording them on the DVR. I am going to make Camille watch them for history this year. The one about the Apollo Missions to the moon was so cool.

Simon is starting to take steps, but he still prefers to crawl. He'll take about 3-6 steps then sits down. He will be 14 months on July 4th. My latest walker by far. Camille was running at 10 months. Grace and Josiah were walking well by 13 months. Oh well...he knows I'll pick him up and carry him if he fusses in the least little bit.

My family, minus the baby and I, are going to the Braves game Tuesday night. It is way too hot for this woman to be out. No thank you. They will have fun I'm sure.

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