Monday, June 06, 2011

More of the same...

Olaf got the results today from the spine doctor and everything is normal. We are just waiting for the blood work from the rheumatologist. If that is normal, then I guess he needs to go back to work until he goes to the Mayo Clinic in July. Yes, he still has pain and yes, he is still taking pain killers but perhaps he can get away with not taking the pain killers during work hours.

I go in tomorrow for the ultrasound on my breast. I will post results as soon as I know something. I am the same age as Olaf's mom was when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She died at age 50. Needless to say, Olaf is more scared about this than I am.

We are getting estimates for concrete work and landscaping. We need our driveway and walkway regraded and poured as the run off is still causing our house/foundation to sink. We also need the front lawn landscaped since the septic lines have been replaced. I am sure it is going to cost a lot of $$ that we really don't have to spend.

Camille leaves this Friday. She spends all day Friday traveling with huge lay overs in Dallas and Los Angeles. She doesn't get on the plane to Aukland until 2:30 am (Eastern) Saturday morning. She arrives at 8:30 am Sunday morning local time (which is 4:30 pm Saturday for us!) Talk about jet lag! She is going to be SO messed up when she gets home. At least she gets to change seasons and have some winter weather. Lucky girl.

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