Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I am so excited

If you know me at all, you know I despise the stomach virus. Personally, I have not vomited since Thanksgiving Day 1994 because I am SO fearful of it. One reason I hate the stomach virus so virulently is because of the way it is spread. You can ONLY get the stomach virus from poop or vomit. That means you have to ingest poop or vomit in order for you to get this awful virus. GROSS! Whenever my children get the stomach virus I do everything in my power to contain it. I wear disposable gloves and surgical masks when I am with a vomiting child or cleaning up vomit. I clean and Lysol everything after every single time a person in my house pukes. I spray the toilet, the flusher, the light switch, the sink, the floor. I go through a huge bottle of Lysol with every episode of the stomach virus. Needless to say, since I hate it so much, I do everything in my power for my children not to get the virus. I will not let my children play in those nasty play areas at McDonalds, if we go into a store of any sort I use hand sanitizer during the store visit as well as after the store visit. I make my children wash their hands immediately upon arrival at home. I am sure my children wash their hands more than most children. All that said I found the best website about the stomach virus. Listed there was another website with hand sanitizer that actually kills the norovirus as well as the rotovirus. To say I was giddy with excitement doesn't even capture the feeling I had. Of course I immediately ordered some and cannot wait to get it.

On another note, Camille is going to school today with her host family. She is excited and I am excited for her. All I know about the host family so far is they live on a farm, have 2 girls aged 17 and 15, the girls are really into sports, and she ate fish and chips for supper last night by a fire. She also said the toilet, shower, and bath are all in separate rooms. I hope to hear more when she gets home from school. I do know this is the high school she is at right now.

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