Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am so excited!

I forgot I had turned on comment moderation and was thrilled to see comments from before Easter. I am such a dork!

For those of you who want to find me on Facebook, just look for Misty Jorek in the Atlanta network. I should be super easy to find! My profile is private, so you'll have to add me as a friend before you see my page.

I am taking Camille to the doctor this afternoon. She has been very tired the past few months and I just want to get some blood work done. I think it is hormones and just being 13 years old. I remember how puberty sucked really bad. We are going to Charming Charlie's afterwards and shoe shopping. I need some accessories for my new cocktail dresses that I had to buy for my upcoming trip to New York City. I leave a week from today for a few days of fun in the city. I'll be seeing Wicked on Broadway and eating here and here! Then we leave in September for two weeks in Disney World. I'm a travelin' girl!

The children are doing well. School is plugging right along and we are on day 33 already. Caleb is happy to be back in school and riding the bus. I am thinking they all may go to public school next year, but we'll see. Camille will be entering high school next year and I think if I am going to put them in school, that would be a good time to do it. I think she needs some friends and some socialization. She has none right now. I think Grace and Josiah would enjoy it as well. That means our Disney vacation can only be a week and can only be during the winter break (February) at school. I refuse to go in the heat of summer.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and reading this. Leave me a comment now that I figured out I have moderation on. :)


UKZoe said...

Heeheeee, LOVE YOU misty!

carebear said...

Hi! Just found your blog today. I'm on the north end of Atlanta, but have family in LaGrange and Columbus.
Hope you have lots of fun at Disney - we are a bit of Disney nuts around here too. :)