Friday, March 28, 2008


I know, I know...I rarely post anymore. Honestly, I hold Simon all day long. And let me just say he does not like to sit at the computer. Ever.

Margi is growing like a weed and so, so, so cute. My children are doing a great job caring for her. She has never pooped in the house. Not even once. She tinkled twice, but it was as big as a nickle or so. She is doing really well on the potty training. Her fleas and worms are gone! YAY! She is very playful and is a hoot to watch. We all love her.

Simon is almost 11 months old. That is hard to believe, eh? When he smiles he just melts my heart. Those cute teeth and that scrunched up nose. Adorable. He is looking more and more like Camille.

We ordered DVD's for Camille and Grace for next school year. That means I will just have to do Kindergarten with Josiah. Hopefully it won't be too hard. I have never taught a boy before. Speaking of Josiah, he looks exactly like me. Of all my children he definitely resembles me the most.

Diet isn't going too great. I need to start the FIRM again. I like exercising.

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