Monday, November 12, 2007

Disney recap

This will probably be really long. Feel free to not read it and just scroll to look at a few pictures:)

Sunday, November 4th - The Terrible, Awful, Not-So-Good Day at Magic Kingdom We arrive at the Magic Kingdom parking lot all ready for a day of fun. As we are heading up the ramp to the Monorail, Olaf runs into the heel of my foot with Caleb's wheelchair. I was wearing crocs. It is bleeding profusely and we don't have any tissues to stop the bleeding, so Olaf whips out a maxi pad and presses it on my foot. A MAXI PAD!! It looked like this after it stopped bleeding:

After I stop crying (and Olaf stops hitting himself in the head), the monorail arrives. We board in the handicapped section and realize that it doesn't seem to be heading to the Magic Kingdom. Hmmmm... I ask the strangers in the next cabin over where we are headed. Why, Epcot of course! Oh great. This trip is starting out just fabulously. So, we try to remain upbeat and take a tour of Epcot on the Monorail before heading back to the parking area of the Magic Kingdom. Once we get back, we decide to take the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom because that is the only place the ferry can go. So far it has taken us over an hour to get from our car to the Magic Kingdom. After getting Caleb's Guest Assistance Card, dropping off his medicine at First Aid, and using the potty we were ready for lunch. After our $77 lunch, we did manage a few rides with no mishaps. We left the park somewhere around 7 pm and got all the way back to the van (on the ferry again, because the monorail is satan) before Olaf realized we left Caleb's medicine at First Aid. This is his seizure medicine and he has to have it every 12 hours. Poor Olaf has to go all the way back to the park just to get the medicine. He did it in record time too. I think it only took about 30 minutes for him to return.

Monday, November 5th - MGM Studios

All I can say is this wasn't a good choice for our family. I would have loved it if I could have gone alone, but Caleb wasn't impressed. If Caleb isn't impressed, then the entire family pays. The BEST part of MGM was the Tower of Terror.

Now, I did not ride this but Caleb, Camille, and Olaf did. Caleb hated it! Olaf said he flipped out (like in an autistic meltdown sort of way) and Olaf was screaming the entire ride, "WHEN DOES THIS RIDE END?" When he came out and told me the story, I was laughing so hard. I know, I know....bad mommy. It just tickled me to no end to picture Olaf screaming for the ride to stop all the while Caleb is flipping out and peeing his pants. I am giggling right now just typing this.

Tuesday, November 6th - The Magic Kingdom again!

This was a good day at the Magic Kingdom. The weather was fabulous. Dawn and her family were there that day and we met up for an hour or so. I love Dawn! She is my twin that was separated at birth. Honestly.

And what could be more magical than losing your very first tooth at the Magic Kingdom while eating Mickey Mouse ice cream?

We stayed and watched the fireworks. It was lovely. Finally, a good day in Orlando.

Wednesday, November 7th - Epcot
I love, love, love Epcot. Mostly because they serve alcohol there.

This was a fairly good day. Soarin' is simply the best ride ever made. I love that ride. I could ride it over and over. We happened to go to Epcot during The Food and Wine Festival (purely accidental people, although appropriate.) The countries were selling small portions of local fare and we had the best dish in Mexico. It is called chilaquiles and it goes perfect with a margarita. I only had two margaritas in Mexico and they were tasty.

The children got their faces painted for the first time ever. $51.00. That is the reason we have never done it before.

John, the artist who painted Camille and Caleb was so much fun to watch. He really was a fabulous artist. He painted them so fast and with such flair. Here is John, the very "happy" artist.

Thursday, November 8th - Sea World

We spent this day with the Mosby's. Scott gave us free tickets (what is better than free?) and we spent the day watching shows and catching up! Our children love each other and get along really well.

We watched the Shamu show which was really fun!

Caleb, Camille, and I rode Kraken. It was a fun roller coaster. Caleb and I loved it so much we rode it twice.

Friday, November 9th - My 40th Birthday! The Magic Kingdom
A birthday lunch with the princesses. What could be better?

They even brought me my very own birthday cupcake.

Oh, and guess what? Caleb pulled out the sword from the Sword in the Stone! I have never seen anyone else do that. Have you? A cast member gave him a golden sticker that said "Temporary Ruler of the Realm." It was fun for him.

We got our picture taken with the Disney characters too.

We watched the fireworks from the ferry dock in the parking area then went back to our house. Oh yeah, the house! It was great! It had six bedrooms and a pool.

We had a lovely time with Scott, Frances, and Natalie.

Natalie is such a cutie. We all adored her.

Saturday, November 10th - Epcot one last time.
It was crowded, but fun. We drank raspberry wine from Poland and a special brew of beer from Sam Adams. Olaf bought me some perfume from Norway for my birthday and some martini glasses with Mickey on them. We rode Soarin' again. It was a perfect day. We stayed the night at a local resort for a fair price and all was well. Until...Sunday morning. Josiah started throwing up. The poor little guy had eight hours in the van with a plastic bag to barf into. And you all know that the stomach virus is my very favorite thing in the entire world. He threw up again this morning. Now Grace has a fever but is not vomiting yet.

Overall it was a good trip! I am already looking forward to our 2009 visit.

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