Sunday, May 29, 2011

and the beat goes on...

Drums keep pounding a rhythm through my brain. (and yes, I had to Google how to spell rhythm)

OK-no results from the tests that Olaf had done on Friday except he does know that the EMG done on his left arm was normal. However, the results from the myelogram and CT scan have not been read yet. I need to update here when we get those results in. Olaf went and got his blood drawn yesterday for some tests that Dr. Stark ordered. I had them add a Lyme's Disease test in there because advanced Lyme can cause a lot of neurological symptoms as well. I watched a documentary about Lyme Disease called "Under Our Skin" on Netflix and it was very interesting.

OK, Olaf is home with pizza from Rockback. We haven't tried it yet, so I am going to break my low carb diet to see if it is worth it! (Not that I am losing weight on it anyway...)

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